Letter openers
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High Speed Opener/Extractors
The Single Cut 100 Envelope Opener

The Single cut 100 Envelope Opener is an Extra Heavy
Duty envelope opening machine that is designed for large
volume processing operations. A true "operator friendly"
system, this machine is comfortable in the busy office
environment as well as the mail center. It's capable of
handling regular size envelopes as well as large
envelopes, including flats and thick envelopes.
Ultra Systems - TriCut 2000L
Three Sided Envelope Opener/Stacker for the Intensive Sorting and Handling
White mail, also known in the industry as exception mail, is a unique challenge to the
remittance processing and document processing industry. Some clean, high speed mail
solutions generate high volumes of exception items with a side-folded check or folded
correspondence in a standard size business reply envelope. Alternatively, white mail is
represented by mixed and varying contents in mixed size envelopes. Contents such as
triple folded documents and/or folded checks are vulnerable to being cut when standard
industry mail opening solutions or high speed opener/extractors are used. Repair and
reconstruction of important information may be necessary, costing extra time and
processing costs when slitters are used.
Ultra Sytems Optional Precision "mill cutting technology" removes material from an
envelope edge measured in thousands of an inch. The specially designed milling cutter
pods found on the Ultra TriCut 2000L removes as little as .010 to .015 inch from the
envelope edge in the form of a tiny paper chip. This process is accurate, controlled and
adjustable. Mill cutting leaves a soft feathered edge on the envelope, preventing cut
fingers, hangnails and prevents damage to envelope contents. Opening the envelope on
three sides eliminates the need for empty envelope inspection.
The TriCut 2000L may now be ordered with optional mill cutting pods at any one,
or all three sides
Microprocessor Controlled Electronics
"Smart" solid state electronics ensure accurate, consistent three (3) sided cutting while preserving the integrity of the contents.

Feed Design
Varying envelope sizes may be fed in an intermixed fashion thanks to a flexible design permitting constant jam-free feeding.

Patented Envelope Folding Process
A unique patented folding process delivers contents in an easily accessible upright vertical position separated from the flattened envelope.

Extraction Activation (EA)
Ideal for individual pre-extraction or the Dual Station team processing environment. "EA" responds to contents removal. Envelopes,
semi-separated from their contents, travel down an extract track presenting contents on demand for easy extraction.

Operator Friendly
The Data Collection System LCD display prompts the operator through an easy start-up and run routine. Extraction is effortless and
unencumbered by vacuum. Each operator has clear visibility of the empty envelope which may be retained if necessary.

Ergonomic Design
Contents in an upright standing position glide beneath the hands of the operator for comfortable, convenient removal and sorting. Customized
sortation systems may be special ordered to suit the specific application.

Production Control
Data collection hardware includes a large 16 character LCD display. 16 key, keypad and ribbon printer. Individual or team production and
multi-job statistics are reported and archived. Networking of production from multiple machines is offered optionally over the Ultra Systems
LAN Manager.

Candler Option
Complete exposure of contents is the first line of defense against mistakenly discarding contents and makes candling a redundant safety
feature on the TriFold 2000. The TriFold Candler is an electronic/mechanical device that takes multiple tactile measurements along the length
of an envelope to evaluate the probability of any missed contents that may have been left in the envelope after the operator performed the
normal extraction function.

Mill Cutting Option
The Mill Cutting feature is particularly important in applications involving folded documents such as check and list, insurance claims
processing or marketing survey forms processing. Mill cutting helps insure that multi-folded documents won't be damaged in the opening
Most 2000 High Performance Exception & White Mail Solution

The Most 2000 processes a wide variety of mixed mail, both
exception/remittance mail and white mail with full-page documents
and/or remittance documents and checks. Each envelope is opened
on 3 sides with a minimum of material being removed from the
envelope by our unique mill cutting technology. The opening process
protects the integrity of the contents by eliminating damaged or cut
documents. The integrated scanning process further protects the
contents by capturing all the data at the earliest point of touch in the
mail processing workflow. Eliminate costs by consolidating
multi-department functions. Capture the image of each item in an
envelope. Link all imaged contents together in your system. Now, no
matter who generates an inquiry, all items related to the transaction
including the envelope, can be easily and efficiently retrieved.
Most 2000 will:
Reduce Labor - Most 2000 consolidates the opening, prepping and scanning step
Eliminate Damaged Contents - The exclusive mill-cutting technique opens mixed size envelopes and facilitates content removal for perfect
image capture of the contents
Maintain Integrity of Envelope and Contents - Captures all images as soon as they touch the enterprise. Speed up access to mission critical
Reduce Training and Overall Cost - Cross train operators to perform mail opening and scanning functions so both processes may be
performed by the same operator reducing labor cost of processing
Other Benefits of the Most 2000:

Document Imaging Options
(Full Page/White Mail)
Manual indexing
Automated indexing
Data Capture/Data Extraction (OCR/ICR)
Document/Envelope Capture
The Most 2000 can optionally initiate workflow as documents are opened and scanned. Through the use of OCR/ICR, schedules and
processes can be initiated to move documents and data automatically through the enterprise utilizing rule based instructions.

Ultra Systems will tailor a solution to meet your exception mail processing needs. We offer a wide variety of unique solutions to handle the mail
opening and scanning requirements of your remittance processing, white mail, and exception mail applications.

Check Imaging Options
(Exception Mail)
Stubs/Remittances/Renewals (OCR/ICR)
Full Page/Invoices/Envelopes
Use optional bar code printer to link check to exception down stream
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